SituationWare - Air Traffic Control for People

The customer is rapidly changing. They are better informed, more interactive and more selective than ever before.
  • Improve quality and differentiate yourself from the competition while saving money by capturing service requests, track tasks, dispatch workers or job photos/audio/video. Customers can provide detailed work site information by collaborating on maps and floor plans
  • Increase your business by providing additional touch points with simple shareable links or customizable forms using our Service Request Form Wizard or deep integration using Open API
  • Improve event participation using our group events tool. No sign-up or custom email addresses are required of your invitees. With less time spent managing the event, everyone, including the organizer spends more time enjoying the event
  • Collaboratively designed and written by security minded professional software developers with the following quality attributes built in: Reliability, Scalability, Usability, Portability, Repeatability, Confidentiality, Integrity and Auditability

Workers need information to act fast; Easy access to the right information results in better situational awareness and better decision making. With SituationWare, workers can instantly access crucial information through any web-enabled device – even before they arrive on site.

Some satisfied customers:
Simple and effective Excellent tool, great icon selection, my techs perform data entry in the field and it’s done one time without reentry.

Our customers are our investors.

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