SituationWare People Management

We create and maintain tools which help you use your desktops, smart phones and tablets to manage situations and people quickly and accurately
  • Friendly user interface
  • Secure
  • Supports many mobile and desktop devices
  • Responsive product support
  • Low administration overhead
  • Flexible Hosting; Cloud, on premise or deployable to a mobile command center
Awesome app Love the built in icons and the ability to draw. Very valuable tool.

Easy access to the right information results in better situational awareness and better decision making. With SituationWare, workers can instantly access crucial information through any web-enabled device – even before they arrive on site.

Workers need information to act fast; Key contact information, Emergency maps, Floor plans, Staging areas, Utility shutoffs, Site specific details, Emergency procedures, Photos, Critical assets, IP cameras, Critical data

Enhance collaboration through SituationWare with access to: Pre-incident Plans, Facility drills and training schedules, Tabletop exercises, Reports, event schedules, Facility and locale specific emergency documents

Workers can make better decisions by having current and accurate data.

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